old town gate
As Rhodes island was the gate to the Aegean sea, the town was enclosed in defensive walls which allowed to withstand sieges and conquerors. The fortifications that still make a belt today around the old town have 11 gates, some ancient and others more modern. This is “The gate of the virgin” that was planned by the Italian administration when they ruled the city in order to allow cars circulation between the marina and the old town (The old town is mainly pedestrian ❤) but it had to wait till 1955 to be effectively opened by the Greek administration. Its name comes from the nearby church of the Virgin of the Burgh or Chora, meaning the “main town”.


anthony quinn bay
Anthony Qwinn bought this beautiful bay after filming “The guns of Navarone” there. His plan was to create an international center for artists and film-makers but he ended up privatizing the beach and doing nothing, which led the greek government to annull the selling and have it back… to the people! 🙂 Long live the Greeks!
ellie beach
Rhodes has amazing beaches with cristal clear water. Rhodes town is on the intersection of the 2 seas: the windy Aegean sea known for its high waves which makes it ideal for surfing and water sports and the beautiful Mediterranean with calm deep blue water. Surprisingly, the two seas meet but don’t mix and aegean waves “die” on this border as if there was a virtual obstacle there! Personally, I think that nothing beats the Mediterranean! 🙂 Long live the beach!
Hotel view: Marmaris and Aegean sea. Saturday after-party, early morning. Perfect time for a sketch…
Late afternoon lunch stop. “If I give you the wi-fi, you will stop talking to each others”, he said. #Truestory 🙂 But who cares about the wi-fi when there’s this beautiful sketchbook!! 🙂
Perfect-size, beautiful sketchbook from the “Serralves” museum of modern art in Porto – Portugal ❤